How to Check Bank of America Credit Card Application Status Online

Bank of America Credit Card Application Status – Phone Number

Bank of America offers the widest range of banking services in the sector with various Credit Card system, Banking Accounts, Loans, Investments Options, Insurance Services and many more. Choosing the Bank of America credit cards is most beneficial as supreme offers as well as reward schemes are provided. There are many number of benefits for the credit cards are available so that it is much useful for saving more money in the process. After registering for the credit card, it is best to check on the bank of america credit card application status in the excellent manner. Many different types of credit cards are available such as

  • Cash Rewards Cards
  • Lower Interest Rate Cards
  • Travel & Airline Rewards Cards
  • Credit Cards to Build or Rebuild Credit
  • Shop All Credit Cards
  • Small Business Cards
  • Checking Customized Offers

Apply for New Bank of America Credit Card Online

With the wide acceptance of the credit card, the card holder can easily access all kinds of exclusive services so it is prominent to save more money in the process. When you like to apply new credit card, then you can follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of Bank of America (i,e)
  • Choose credit cards in the home page

Bank of America Credit Card Status

  • Select the type of credit card you need
  • View detailed information about credit card
  • Complete the application form and get response in as little as 60 seconds
  • Confirmation notification for credit card will be sent and track credit card status

How to Check Bank of America Credit Card Application Status Online

After you have filled in all the space in the application, you will be notified for the confirmation for the credit card application. To know about the status of credit card application it is necessary to enter certain information so that the official will verify your application status and provide the exact details.

  • At First, Visit the official website:
  • After that, Click on the “Check the status of my submitted application” Link

BOA Application Status


  • You will redirected to new page
  • Then, Enter Required information on the field
  • Your last name
  • Your Date of Birth. 04 Digit Social Security Number
  • Your ZIP code
  • Finally, Click on the Submit Button

Application processing will be completed within 24 hours of the submission of the application so that it would be completed in 10-12 business days. When you filled these information on the Bank of America website, the complete credit card application status will be displayed on the screen. The Time and date information for you to receive your credit card will be shown and it is quite simple to get the instant details from the Bank of America. There are many number of advantages being the Bank of America credit card holder as you will gain more number of benefits in the excellent manner. The information that you have entered on the website for status will be quite easier for verifying the details about the applicant and provide the details. Bank of America credit card holder can get the unmatched spending limits with making the timely payments eliminating the options for carrying cash everywhere. The bank of america bank credit card eligibility criteria differs for each category of credit card so that it is quite easier for getting the higher benefits for availing the credit card.

How To Track Bank of America Credit Application Status Offline ?

>For personal and secured credit cards enquiry number : 800-545-7899

> For business credit card application status :  866-695-6598.

Bank of America credit card customer care number & Email Address

For more details about BANK OF AMERICA visit this official website :

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