Top 03 Best Credit Cards For Fuel Purchases

Fuel credit cards are excellent options to make a considerable saving on fuel purchase. With the increase in fuel cost, these credit cards help you to purchase fuel for your vehicle at the discounted price. You will also get rewards and petrol rebates based on where you purchase fuel. Fuel credit cards have become more popular in Singapore. They help you to get instant discounts at the petrol station. Some cards also provide cash rebates or points while making petrol purchases while using the credit card. Let us see some of the most popular petrol cards in Singapore.

03 Best Petrol Credit Cards 2017

Best Credit Cards For Fuel Purchases

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Citibank Dividend Card:

If you visit Shell or Esso frequently which have the biggest network of petrol stations across the Singapore, you can enjoy ultimate discounts with this elegant blue card. You can enjoy 18.3% and 18.1% of saving by pumping petrol at ESSO and Shell respectively. This 18.3% saving at ESSO is due to 5% discount on ESSO Smiles card, 4% discount for Citibank Credit card and 5% cash rebate for Citibank Dividend card, 5% discount for visiting Esso site. With Shell, you will get 5% discount for Shell Escape card, Citibank Dividend Card and for purchasing at Shell Site. Moreover, you get 4% citi rebate, and when you comprise all these discounts, you will enjoy 18.1% saving by pumping petrol at Shell Site.

HSBC Premier Mastercard:

HSBC is known to offer the highest savings of 19.16% when you pump petrol at Shell Stations. You will get 5% onsite discount, 5% shell escape discount, 6% additional cash rebate and 4% discount for using HSBC credit card. If you don’t want to purchase petrol at Shell, you can pump at Caltex which offers 14% instant discount for your HSBC premier MasterCard. You will get 5% cash rebate if you purchase fuel for $800 and 3% cash rebate if you pump petrol for $400.

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UOB One Card:

This is one of the handy choices available for those individuals who want to make higher savings on their fuel purchase. This card offers the highest savings accounting to 20% of savings at SPC and 21.7% of savings at Caltex. When you pump at Caltex using this credit card, you will get 5% Caltex site discount, 1.25% Caltex thanks, 11% UOB card discount, 3.33% UOB one rebate and 2% UOB smart rebate. If you want to enjoy Caltex thanks discount, you have to apply for this Caltex Thanks card with which you can collect points for every litre pumped at Caltex petrol station. Once you collect 40 points, you can get discount of 1$ during next purchase.

When you use UOB one card at SPC, you will enjoy 15% discount on your petrol purchase. You can get the same discount if you use SPC&U Card. Then you will also enjoy another 5% discount in every transaction of $51 net charged to the card. If you have UNI$, you can exchange it for cash rebates. This helps you to increase your savings at SPC with UOB One card.