How to Check Discover Bank Credit Card Application Status

You can able to easily apply for the Discover credit card through online. After apply for the credit card, you won’t get approved instantly, at that time you should not get panic. At that stage, it doesn’t mean you were put into deny. There are procedures are left to approve for you on behalf of the Discover credit card. You can able to easily check the discover credit card application status at anytime and anywhere through online.

Discover Card Status

discover card status

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Procedures to Check Discover Card Status by Phone Number

  • You can check online by using the discover card application status website
  • At that time you will be directed to speak with the legal manager of the Discover.
  • Then you can call 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) and say “application status” when prompted.
  • If you are business owner then you can call 1-800-975-0137.
  • Always the discover credit card status website is the easiest and fastest way to check your valid status of the credit card.
  • After entering into the website you will redirected to another page where there are some important are available for further process.

Procedure of Check Discover Credit Card Application Status Online:

The card application status is a site, which will allow the user to check their status of the applications for only the new card holders only. Here you can go for a various queries that allow you to clear your entire doubts. You can request for increase of the line of credit or else transferring from other credit card to discover credit cards. In order to do this all kind of the purpose you can call the customer service which is found at the back of your credit card regarding to know the status of those particular requests.

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You can able to check the status of your credit card application and the balance transfer status here within the seconds. This process can be done only when you have applied for your Discover credit cards.

How to Track Your Discover Credit Card Status

How to check my Discover card application status online


  • Checking the above page will be display  “Check the status of your Discover® Card Application”

track the status of Discover Credit Card

  • In order to know each and every detail you have to provide the entire details asked in the valid website.
  • You also must be aware of the fake website in order to maintain the privacy.
  • In the valid website, the encryption technique, so there are no chances of your information getting leaked.
  • You have to enter your valid social security number and the home zip code to track credit card status.
  • After this you have click on the “Continue” option for further process.
  • After clicking that you will get the details about your card that is whether it has approved or not.

If not approved then you have to contact the manager of the Discover to know the valid reason. If there is any problem occur means then you have to apply new credit card. The phone numbers provided below have been typically called the Discover Reconsideration Phone Number, but realistically you can call even if your application has not been rejected yet and is just pending.

Discover Credit Card Phone Number

  • 1-800-347-2683

Language  (English/Español)