IndusInd Bank Credit Card Status : Track Your Application Status Online

IndusInd Bank is one of the top Mumbai based new generation bank in India since 1994. IndusInd Bank offers the transactional, electronic banking products and commercial banking services. IndusInd Bank is in the top positions of new-generation private banks in the country. IndusInd Bank has started to operate with the capital amount of Rs. 1 billion. IndusInd Bank is specialized in all the retail banking services along with the continuous upgrades and support systems with newer technologies. The Bank works on many expanding branches network across the country with meeting global benchmark. IndusInd name is derived from vivid and rich Indus Valley Civilization. As of April 2016, IndusInd Bank has more than 800 branches with 1500 ATMs. IndusInd Bank also has the representative office in Dubai and London. Mumbai has maximum bank branches that are followed by Chennai and New Delhi. By March 2017, the bank also proposed to double the count of 1200 branch network.

Indusind Bank Credit Cards:

IndusInd Bank believes in transparency of services with the clients especially with the credit card statements. Huge numbers of active bankers are using the Indusind Bank Credit Card for various purposes that includes travelling, shopping and many more. Credit card holders gets more number of convenient payment options that includes

  • Visa money transfer
  • NEFT
  • SWIFT transfer

NEFT money transfer is available even for the non-account holders and SWIFT transfer system are enabled for the local bank branch for the payment when you are abroad. Check the easy-to-refer system with the ’Know Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement’ template for accessing all kinds of details efficiently. The credit card of IndusInd Bank also guarantees your convenience through innovation. Credit cards are the modern choice for saving money in the excellent manner so that it would be easier for the customers chooses the right credit card that is suitable for payment and get more benefits. Indusind Bank offer many different types of Credit Cards for the clients.

  • Super Premium Credit Cards
  • Premium Credit Cards
  • Co-branded Credit Cards
  • Premium lifestyle credit:

IndusInd Bank Premium lifestyle credit is the best solution that is empowered with charisma and prestige. No need to carry money everywhere for travelling or shopping as it is convenient to hold the Credit Card everywhere without any hassle. IndusInd Bank Credit Card facility brings you this Premium lifestyle credit unrivaled privileges for your specific need with the assortment to Premium, Super Premium and Co-branded credit cards. The IndusInd Bank also brings you imbursement comfort that you desire.

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Super Premium Credit Cards:

IndusInd Bank Super Premium Credit Cards empowers the clients to inspire seamless credit conveniences for accomplishing implausible. With Indulge of credit card, you will get 22-carat gold inlay as well as no pre-set spending limit so that it will redefine the prominence. Pinnacle credit card is also crafted especially for your indulgence.

Premium Credit Cards:

Premium credit cards provide the Premium card holders to get finest travel, lifestyle and dining privileges. Premium card holder could enjoy extravagant reward point for earning more rate with the quicker redemption. Customizing the card’s travel itineraries is included with concierge facilities.

Co-branded Credit Cards:

Co-branded Credit Cards are brought to you by IndusInd Bank and travel partners for frequent fliers. It is possible to get 100% discounts on the base fares apart from earning points for miles on the domestic as well as international travels.

Applying for IndusInd Bank Credit Cards:

When you have an active account in the IndusInd Bank, then it would be easier for availing the preferred Credit Card for getting more benefits out of it. Applying for the Credit Cards are simple with online facilities so you need to log on to the official website and then you would know more details about the type of Credit Card that you prefer. Fill the forms with the following details such

  • Where do you live currently?
  • When did you move to current residence?
  • Date of Birth DD
  • Are you an existing JetPrivilege Member?
  • Type of employment
  • Name
  • Mobile No

After completion of the application form for the IndusInd Bank Credit Cards, you will get the Credit Card soon upon the general verification. It is necessary to make sure that all the information are provided with the matching records so that it would be useful for a fast verification.

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How to Check IndusInd Bank Credit Cards Status Online:

Checking the Credit Cards status is important and easier task and you need to answer all the questions for verification. When your information matches the records, you will be able to track your application.

Get your Application Status instantly with following the below procedure with accessing the Industand Bank website

Step: 1 Go to the Official Website:

Step: 2  then you will redirected to “Track Your Application Status” Page

track indusind bank credit card application status

Step: 3 You need to fill the Application ID and Mobile Number.

Step : 4  Once fill the above information, Click the Submit button for “Indusind Bank Credit Card Status”.

Step: 5  If your information matches in the bank records, you will be able to track your Indusind credit card application status.

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