How to Apply and Check Royal Bank Of Scotland Credit Card Status

Royal Bank Of Scotland Credit Card

The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the most popular British banking & insurance holding company and this bank offer different financial solutions to its customer. The headquarters of this bank is situated in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Of course, this bank also has more than thirty million customers in the UK, the Americas, Middle East, Asia, and Europe. In general, the RBS is also working hard to expand its influence across the globe. This will bring new-age banking to individuals, institutions, businesses etc. In India, RBS also have client base from 1921 this also influential Indian corporations, financial institutions, MNCs, Indian Government etc. even this bank also offer services to high net-worth individuals.


The service of Royal Bank of Scotland is also appreciated for its high brand of service as well as this bank maintains great customer relationship management. Even they also work hard to implement international banking standards into the Indian scene. Now RBS becomes one of the India’s leading and profitable banks. This bank offer different types of credit card based on the individual needs, the Royal Bank of Scotland credit cards are also sought after here in India people also pleasure to take the benefits of the credit card. Most of the people prefer this credit card to enjoy ultimate facilities. The Royal Bank of Scotland only offer limited range of card that catering for those who require a consistent rate of interest with this people can earn rewards while they shop.

The RBS bank also offers some specialized services to attract many people. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) committed to offer best services as well as it offers a range of cards that also including ones which offer rewards based on everyday spending of the customer. In general the credit card offer low rate on purchases and balance transfers. Usually the rewards offered are usually cashback, user can receive amount dependent on where as well as how they shop.

 Eligibility Criteria To Get RBS Credit Card:

  • You must be aged at least 18
  • You must be having UK resident. The UK resident only has eligibility to apply for any RBS credit card.

Benefits of RBS credit card:

  • In general most of the RBS credit cards come with an annual fee. With this customer need check the charges involved before signing up. In many cases some of the cards refund the fee, this facility available for the people if they have a particular current account with the bank.
  • Of course, the RBS credit cards are fully regulated by the city regulator FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority).
  • On the other hand the RBS credit cards give you valuable consumer protection. Customer can enjoy great facility under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.
  • With the help of the credit card people can pay for goods or services
  • The protection facility is applies to items or services costing between £100 to £30,000

Types Of RBS Credit Card:

  • RBS Clear Rate Platinum
  • RBS Reward Credit Card
  • Classic Credit Card
  • Student Credit Card etc

Before going to apply the credit card you must visit the official web portal, it is the effective way to get updated information about the credit card terms.  So you must fully read the terms and conditions to choose the best credit card option. To avail in the best options you need to check the benefits and any exclusions or limitations about the card.

How to Apply RBS Credit Card:

  • If you wish to apply for the RBS credit card you need to visit the official web portal of RBS after that you must read the provided instructions carefully.
  • Go to this Link:
  • After that you must select the credit cards option based on your needs. There are different credit card options available under Personal category.
  • Even you have chances to compare different credit option because various credit card comparisons also displayed.
  • For apply new credit card you need to be aged 18 or over and a UK resident
  • Then you need to understand the eligibility criteria about the credit cards.
  • Finally select the suitable Credit Card and then click apply now option.

How to Check RBS Credit Card Online:

In order to check the application status you must follow the below mentioned steps.

  • In general you can easily check credit card status by using your name, date of birth, application number and other details
  • To check the status you may visit the respective web portal then click track my status option
  • After that fill required details, if you fill the details then your status will be displayed.

Importance Of Having RBS Credit Card:

Balance transfers:

In general, RBS Platinum account is one of the ideal choices for the people who are looking to transfer across your balance from the credit card provider. Unlike other credit card providers on the market, the RBS offer ultimate benefits; first of all it will provide chances to transfer up to 95% of the credit limit. It is the ideal choice for the people who prefer to build the large debts.  On the other hand RBS only charge a 2.65% handling fee for the balance transfer.

 Special Rewards:

The RBS credit card not only help to save money through lower interest rates,  this credit card also gives you access to exclusive deals  as well as special discounts including ten percentages off UK short breaks.

RBS also offers opportunity to the customer to access the exclusive travel services. Even the customer support teams also available they offer advice and help on all things travel related RBS.

Owning a Platinum card is the best choice to get many discounts and freebies at the click

Usually the RBS Platinum credit card available with 0% p.a. as well as the account holders   also enjoys 56 day interest free option with this user could effectively borrow credit without ever having to pay interest so it is the best choice for the user to meet their needs.

Cash Advances:

By using the RBS credit card credit card user can get many rewards based on the cash points worldwide.  Of course the interest rate for the withdrawals is only 27.95% p.a. per annum, and it includes 3% handling fee.


Unlike other services RBS actively monitor credit card accounts to avoid all the issues. Before that transaction they will call the account holder to make sure even the customer also sign up to free fraud text alerts, that help to get alert about anything suspicious has occurred on  their account. The credit card is also available with the MasterCard’s Secure Code technology that also protects you against any online credit card fraud. In general it wills requiring account holders to enter a password while they paying for goods as well as any other services on the web.

Choosing the RBS credit card is extremely beneficial as well as it is good value for money with the help of this you can easily transfer money from another credit card provider. If you prefer to access RBS’s market leading interest rates you must apply for the RBS credit card. It is always important to get some exclusive discounts and offers there are many special offers also available to the Platinum card holders.

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