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Methods to Pay RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

RBL Bank Limited is one of the top growing private sector banks that expand its presence all over the state in the country. RBL Bank currently has more than 2 million customers with the e wide networks of 201 branches across 16 Indian states as well as Union Territories in India. The RBL Bank is also recognized as a ‘Global Growth Company’ (GCC) by the World Economic Forum. RBL Bank also got the award for ‘India’s Best Bank’ in Small-Sized Bank segment by the famous Business Today. With the wide number of financial services offered for the benefit of the customers, many become the active clients and gain more profit.

RBL Bank is established in the year 1943 and started the transformational journey with the new management team since 2010. RBL Bank Limited offers the specialized services under many different business verticals such as Corporate and Institutional Banking, Agribusiness Banking, Branch and Business Banking, Commercial Banking, and Financial Markets Operations as well as Development Banking and Financial Inclusion. In fact, RBL Bank has been listed in both the BSE and NSE. RBL Bank is also one of the scheduled commercial bank that has its headquarters in Kolhapur region of Maharashtra. RBL is considered as one of the oldest private sector banks in the country and it has more than 19, 00, 000 customers with the total business size of Rs. 45,000 Crores.

RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

RBL Bank products and services:

Bring the fastest growing private sector bank in the country, the RBL Bank offers the wide range of banking products and services that are categorized into many verticals. Some of them include Commercial Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Agri & Development Banking, Retail Banking and Financial Markets. The ICRA has reaffirmed its rating based on the ICRA as of July 2015 and it is certified as the Deposits Programme of RBL Bank. In 2013, RBL Bank also has bought the part of Indian Business of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Some of the major deal includes the business of banking and credit cards along with the portfolio. RBL Bank is well versed in offering many different services for the customers and gains the trust of the customer all over the country. with more number of products and service included, many number of people are looking for activating their bank service in the extensive manner. Some of the products and service offered by the RBL Bank are

  • Accounts
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Investment Services
  • Insurance
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking

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RBL Bank Credit Cards:

Credit Cards System has been widely used these days with more number of people likes to save their money on every booking or shopping in the extensive manner. The use of Credit card has been increased among the people over these years and everyone likes to have the credits to their desired company at the end of every month. RBL Bank Credit Cards have the fantastic that would automatically give you convenient option with the reward program.  RBL Bank presents you the wide range of credit cards that offers host of exclusive benefits with more class reward in the extensive manner. Choose the convenient credit card that suits your lifestyle and needs as there are exclusive range of credit cards are available in the absolute manner. RBL Bank credit cards are unique and offer the world class experience with the fantastic features so that it is quite suitable for getting complete convenience. Enjoy the classic experience on the affluence at its best and save more money with using the Credit Card on every purchase in the extensive way. Get the amazing hand-picked shopping experiences that are tailored with the amazing products and services. Enjoy wide range of privileges using RBL Bank Credit Card for the daily needs and save more money. When using the RBL Bank Credit Card, it is convenient to save a lot of money and time for every purchase. Get started with your RBL Bank Credit Card and have more benefits

  • Your RBL Bank Credit Card packed with exclusive membership benefits with the rewarding experience
  • Earn more reward points on all your purchases
  • Earn more times reward points for using the RBL Bank Credit Card for dining, entertainment, fuel, utility bill payments and much more.
  • Annual Spend Bonus offered

Instant Credit Card payments:

Paying the RBL Bank Credit Cards with the hassle free options are available so that it is quite easier for saving more time and money in the fantastic way. With the advancement of the internet facilities, it is quite easier for accessing your RBL Bank Account and gain more benefits instantly. Numerous options for the payment of the RBL Bank Credit Cards are available so that it is quite easier for enjoying more benefits. Here is the list of top options for paying the Credit Card Bills through:

✔ Pay using RBL MyCard Mobile App

✔ NEFT Payment

✔ Online Card Payment

✔ Net banking

✔ Other Modes of Payment

The lists of Methods to Pay RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment are mentioned below so follow the techniques to pay the bill instantly:

RBL MyCard mobile App:

The RBL MyCard mobile App is one of the exciting and innovative options for paying the RBL Bank Credit Card Bill instead of standing in the long queue and paying. It is easy to manage your RBL Bank Credit Card account with using the easiest RBL MyCard mobile App from anywhere with the help of your Smartphone. By this online payment you will relief of with the tension. Due to the online payment it reduces to pay the bill in last date. RBL MyCard is quick and most convenient for use so that you can easily access the account for free. Download now the RBL MyCard mobile App on the Smartphone so it is quite easier for checking out the balance and payment of bills instantly without any hassle. Nowadays everyone is using the Smartphone so it becomes the biggest opportunity for accessing the Bank Account.

✔ Personalized activity Timeline

✔ Check your Statement

✔ Pay your Card Bill

✔ Monitor all the previous Activity

✔ Access your account

✔ View up to 6 months of previous transactions

✔ Make payments instantly

Using the RBL MyCard mobile App, it is much convenient to personalized activity timeline as well as simple navigation techniques. You can easily make the payment of the Credit Card and also view the recent transaction. Converting the transaction into easy installments is also much more possible so that you can easily view your account wherever you are and whenever you want. There are 3 methods for downloading the RBL MyCard mobile App on your Smartphone and here is the list of following

✔ SMS MyCard to 5607011

✔ Download from Android and Iphone

✔ Scan QR code from the website and Download

Download on the Play store

Download on the App Store

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RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Online:

With the advancement in the technology, it is much easier to make the RBL Bank Credit Card payment using other Bank accounts. The Online Card Payment are also useful for paying the outstanding amount as well as receive the conformation of the payment instantly.

  • Access the official RBL Bank website or click the link http://www.rblbank.com/
  • Click “Personal” on the home screen
  • Select the option “Convenience Banking”
  • Choose “Bill Payment”
  • Click”Pay Bill”
  • Enter the type of RBL Bank Credit Card
  • Enter your RBL Bank Credit Card number
  • Enter the amount you would like to pay
  • Enter your Authentication Details such as Net Banking User ID and Password of your RBL Bank Account
  • Confirm payment amount
  • Select your bank account from which you would like to execute this payment
  • You will be redirected to payment interface
  • Click Proceed
  • Transaction of Bill payment completed

Transaction acknowledgement is available on the screen and you would be notified the status such as ‘Success’ or ‘Failure’. Please make the payment again in case of ‘Failure’. When there is no success/failure message displayed then please check your bank account if there is any payment debited.

NEFT Payment:

To make the Credit Card Payment online with the account from any other Bank you can also make the transaction in the absolute manner. Follow the given instructions for the secure payment:

  • Choose the Payee details to make NEFT payment
  • Payee Name: Name on the RBL Bank Credit Card
  • Payee Account Number: RBL Bank Credit Card number
  • Bank Name: RBL Bank
  • Branch Location: NOC Goregaon, Mumbai

NEFT Payment or the National Electronic Fund Transfer is the unique system that is operated based on the Deferred Net Settlement basis so that the Fund transfer transactions will be settled with the high secure mode.

Net Banking mode:

The RBL Bank Net Banking is one of the unique options for the faster mode of bill payment. It is also most secure option for paying the RBL Bank Credit Card in the most efficient manner. The RBL bank will give you the separate customer ID and password for online payment, using that you will login the ID and pay your bill. There are multiple ways for pay bill in online are Internet baking, mobile banking, national electronic funds transfer, online purchase using Credit Card, money transfer, internet banking with multiple account, electronic cleaning service and much more options for the payment instantly without any hassle. The customers can easily make use of the online Net banking option for making the bill payment from the existing RBL Bank account towards the Card.

✔ Access the official RBL Bank website

✔ User ID/Nick Name

✔ Click Submit

You can log in to the RBL Bank Internet Banking Account with the Customer Identification Number or your Nick Name. It is also necessary to register based on the registered/updated login into your Internet Banking account.

✔ Login to your RBL Bank account

✔ Make the payment

Making the online payment for the Credit Card is quite easier and much more faster through the Net Banking mode and it is considered as the secure way of viewing the transactions instantly. Change your password periodically for Net Banking at least once a month. Always type the address of the bank website for accessing the bank account and payment for the Credit Card bills in the amazing manner.

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RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Offline:

RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment are simple, convenient as well as secure with the managing the payments, paying taxes and remittances. Paying the bills is quite simple so that it is quite easier for enjoying more benefits. The RBL Bank offers the payment options for utility bills based on telephone, electricity, mobile and more. In fact it is also convenient to pay the bills for insurance premiums, magazines, make donations or subscriptions. Bill Payment feature offers flexibility of making the best regular payments with the registering of the Biller or to make the time / adhoc payments with ‘Insta Pay’ option. RBL Bank customers could also easily select and pay multiple bills with the single transaction. The Registered billers could also be able to view the bill amount as well as due date in accordance with the appropriate notification. You will also receive alerts via SMS for the biller addition/deletion, status of bill payments and receipt of new bill.

Paying through nearest RBL Bank Branches/Offline

For paying of the RBL Bank Credit Card Bills, it is also quite easier to visit any of the nearest RBL Bank Branches in your city for making the payment towards RBL Bank Credit Card. RBL Bank branches offers more option

  • Cash Payment – Cash Payment using RBL Bank Credit Card are accepted at all RBL Bank branches.
  • Cheque Payment – Making the Cheque in favor of the RBL Bank Card <16 Digit Card No.>

NACH facility (National Automated Clearing House Facility):

When you have been registered in the NACH facility for your RBL Bank Credit Card then there is no need to worry about the making payments to your Card every month. In fact, linking your existing account with any bank to your RBL Bank Credit Card with the NACH facility is much more convenient. Enroll with submitting NACH form on RBL Bank so you can easily download.