How to Track Your Indigo Flight Status Online

Track Indigo Flight Status Online: In the Travel and Airline Industries, PNR or Passenger Name Record is a database for the CRS (Computer Reservation System) has the itinerary for a passenger as well as the group of the passengers to travel together. Do you like to check the Indigo Flight Status for know about the passenger list? It is necessary to have the complete details about the Flight Status before traveling so that it would be much more safer. IndiGo is the low-cost airline and largest airline in India based on the passengers and fleet size. As on April 2017, IndiGo holds the 41.4% market share and becomes the biggest known Airline internationally. After booking flight, it is necessary to check on the PNR status so that it would be much more effective for knowing the departure and the booking status in the airline. Concept of PNR, was introduced first by the Airlines to exchange the reservation information required for the flights with the multiple airlines and reach the destination.

Track Indigo Flight Status


Why to Check On The Indigo Flight Status?

Check on the IndiGo PNR status and the PNR is nothing but Passenger Name Record. Of course, you can easily get the real time PNR status upon your booking and know about confirmed seat or on the waiting list. In fact, it is also much more easier to check on the departure or arrival timings of IndiGo flight.

  • Get real time PNR status of your booking
  • Check on your seat is confirmed or on waiting list
  • Check exact arrival or departure timings

No general industry standard in the layout for checking out the PNR status so that it would be much more easier to have the complete details about the flight before booking. Get the PNR data easily along with the messages resulted in many general similarities and it would be much more easier to get the instant information. Most of the travel website also creates the PNR for the user on computer reservation system along with the way they use. PNR is Global Distribution Systems and it is convenient to search for the any flight to the particular destination.

How to Check Indigo Flight Status Online:

To know about the Indigo Flight Status, you can follow the below instructions such as

  • Go to the official Indigo website :
  • On the homepage, click on “Flight Status”
  • Enter flight details to check your flight status
    • Departing
    • Arriving
    • Date
    • Enter flight number
    • Enter PNR
  • Click “Search Flight”
  • Complete Flight Status will be displayed
  • Click on the specific row to know more about the Flight
  • Filter the search based on
    • Time
    • Direct
    • Via
    • Connecting

Checking the airline Flight Status is much simpler process when you know the Flight Number and PNR so it would be quite easier to know about your seat confirmation and many other details instantly. Update the contact details in the website so that you would receive the notification regarding the flights.