The Routing numbers are the nine-digit code that confirms the location of the US Bank locations near you. To Check US bank routing number, a person can glance at the bottom left side of the check. To identify the routing number, take down the look at the three sets of numbers; in these three sets, the first set of number is the routing number.

US Bank Routing Number

What is the difference between the account number and the routing number?

The US bank account number also recognizes the bank account crucial information and status, unlike the routing numbers that tells only the location of your bank.

Why the Banks Routing Number is so Important?

First of all, it is a unique number which can identify the US bank locations near you in The United States of America. The routing number is very much important in these following situations-

  1. It is needed to transfer the direct governmental paycheck benefits into the account.
  2. It is required to set up transfer benefits to an online high-interest bank account and the checking account.
  3. Companies like Betterment, Fidelity, and vanguard require US bank routing number to set up transfer funds.
  4. To setup deposits directly into an individual prepaid card.
  5. To set-up transactions between the peer-to-peer account set-ups.

Where the person can check US banks routing number if the check is not available?

  1. Check US bank routing number information published on the individual’s bank websites.
  2. Contacting a specific bank branch where your account is held.
  3. Through calling the American Bankers Association ABA Routing Number Query Service

Do the individual need to hide the US bank’s routing number?

The US Bank routing number is public, and it does not need much privacy. Anybody who is aware of your state and the bank name can find the banks routing number with ease.

The history behind the routing numbers-

The history behind the Routing numbers is that, in 1911, the American Bank Association (ABA) started using the routing codes for US banks.  It is the 9-digit number and only used to determine the bank’s location. In the United States, the number is required to set-up direct deposit etc.

How to Find the Routing Number for a U.S. Bank Account Online

Here, are the US bank locations and their individual routing numbers

LOCATIONS (State) Routing Number
Alabama 091000022
Alaska 091000022
Arizona 122105155
Arkansas 082000549
California — Northern 121122676
California — Southern 122235821
Colorado — Aspen 102101645
Colorado — all other areas 102000021
Connecticut 091000022
Delaware 091000022
District of Columbia 091000022
Florida 091000022
Georgia 091000022
Hawaii 091000022
Idaho 123103729
Illinois — Northern 071904779
Illinois — Southern 081202759
Indiana 074900783
Iowa — Council Bluffs 104000029
Iowa — all other areas 073000545
Kansas 101000187
Kentucky — Northern 042100175
Kentucky — Western 083900363
Louisiana 091000022
Maine 091000022
Maryland 091000022
Massachusetts 091000022
Michigan 091000022
Minnesota — East Grand Forks 091215927
Minnesota — Moorhead 091300023
Minnesota — all other areas 091000022
Mississippi 091000022
Missouri 081000210
Missouri — Western 101200453
Montana 092900383
Nebraska 104000029
Nevada 121201694
New Hampshire 091000022
New Jersey 091000022
New Mexico 107002312
New York 091000022
North Carolina 091000022
North Dakota 091300023
Ohio — Cleveland 041202582
Ohio — all other areas 042000013
Oklahoma 091000022
Oregon 123000220
Pennsylvania 091000022
Rhode Island 091000022
South Carolina 091000022
South Dakota 091408501
Tennessee 064000059
Texas 091000022
Utah 124302150
Vermont 091000022
Virginia 091000022
Washington 125000105
West Virginia 091000022
Wisconsin 075000022
Wyoming 307070115

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