Top 10 Best Rewards Credit Cards in India

As the year 2019 began, everybody is wondering for the best cash back credit card to have in the pocket? Like, which card will offer the high-quality profits and rewards? These are some of the inquiry popping-up in everyone’s mind when 2019 has commenced. In this article, we will get to gain knowledge of the reviews of a credit card by taking into consideration the top ten credit cards individually.

At times, when we review credit cards, we look out their diverse benefits and features before making it our own. This is necessary because only on that level anybody can calculate top best rewards credit card feature in India and we can make a comparison list in our mind. Here in this editorial, every quality of each best Indian credit card is explained cleanly.

Look at the table below, to know about the top ten best cash back credit card in 2019.

This article will show you the best credit cards in India. Now, we will explain the features of each card broadly, so that you can decide which card to buy after going through credit cards reviews.

#1. Citibank Cash Back Credit Card

Citibank credit card is the best credit cards in India because it returns an amount back to the customer for each purchase. So, it allows the card owner to spend flawlessly with a major benefit over cash rebates. Here are credit card reviews-

Features of Citibank Cash Back Credit Card

  • Best 0.5% cash back credit card on all purchases.
  • 5% cash back on utility bill payment and on movie tickets.
  • Exclusive privileges for the best dining experience with a 15% discount on selected 2000 partnered restaurants.
  • Automatic credit of INR 500 directly in the statement.
  • Citi cash back card is a contactless credit card, can be used to make direct payment at terminals that are NFC enabled.
  • Customer avails offer and a lot of savings through shopping across connected stores.

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#2. ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card

The best credit card in India, ICICI Instant Platinum card, has no annual fees or joining charges. As an upshot, we can say it is the best credit card in India among all cards. The charge interest on an extended credit card that is 2.49% per month otherwise 29.88% annualized. The features of this card are as follows-

Features of ICICI Instant Platinum Card

  • Secure payments from end to end by fitted contactless technology.
  • A lot of cash rewards and redeem points are offered during purchases.
  • Every month, get INR 100 discount on a minimum of two movie tickets ordered on Book-my-show.
  • Minimum 15% reserves through dining at listed hotels.
  • Accessible at short interest fee at just 2.49% every month.

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#3. HDFC Diners Club Black Card – Best International Credit Card

The joining fees of top reward credit card in India that is HDFC bank Diners Club Black Card are Nil but they allege first year annual fees of INR 2,500 and they then charge renewable fees for the second year. The card offers some of the below-listed benefits-

Features of HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Card

  • Maximum reward points per month earned are 25,000.
  • Enjoy 10X reward points in smart buy theme based overall purchases like a fly, compare, shop and with brands like clear trip, Flipkart, and Yatra, etc.
  • Miles swap reimbursement with leading hotel and airlines.
  • 6 complimentary Golf games in 3 months at the Golf course.

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#4. SBI Card PRIME – Rewards Card on Every Spend 

The joining fees of SBI card PRIME are INR 2,999. The card will be brought up with many exciting features to you like-


  • Get 20 reward points on spent Rs. 100 over utility bill payments.
  • Get 15 reward points of INR 100 on purchasing of groceries by Big-basket.
  • Get 10 reward points on dining, departmental stores, and movies.
  • The card provides a milestone benefit. A fee waiver can be earned through renewal on milestone annual purchase INR 3 Lakhs.
  • If the cardholder spends INR 50,000 in a calendar quarter than he is qualified to achieve a Pizza Hut e-Voucher.
  • Total 4 complimentary visits to international Lounges per year.

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#5. Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

The joining fee of Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card is 5,000 plus Taxes. The card will offer many benefits to the cardholder and some of them are mentioned below-

Features of Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

  • The cardholder will get 10,000 bonus JP miles.
  • The customer will get accelerated JP miles, earning of 8 JP Miles on the purchase of INR 150 which if not spent on utilities, insurance, fuel. If the money is spent on booking of tickets on Jet Airways, the card offers to give 16 JP Miles.
  • The cardholder gets complimentary iPrefer Elite tier membership from selected resorts and hotel.
  • A flattering available visit to entitled Lounges.

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#6. IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card

Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card is best who travels to get to office by their private vehicles. The card has INR 1000 as its annual fee charge. This is the best credit card along with regular credit card benefits, which includes-

Features of Indian Oil Citi Platinum Card

  • Yearly fee waiver on milestones achieved.
  • One Turbo point is benefited when cardholder spends Rs. 1 at Indian Oil petrol pumps.
  • Turbo points can be turned into purchasing, particularly fuel when Turbo limit reaches to 250 points.
  • Groceries purchased from the selected stores, instant rebate is offered by the card.
  • Eligible to make a 15% discount on partnered restaurants.

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#7. SimplySAVE Advantage SBI Card

Simply SAVE Advantage SBI Card is available at an annual fee of Rs. 499, this is one time only. The card owner then just has to pay INR 499 as a Renewal fee, which is charged per annum. The card provides following benefits to the cardholder-

Features of SBI Card

  • The card offers Surcharge waiver at Fuel purchases.
  • The card is globally accepted worldwide at 24 million-plus merchant outlets of Visa.
  • The cardholder receives 10-time reward points when an individual spent on movies, groceries, departmental store, and dining.
  • Easy railway tickets booking and the best part is that they are delivered to the home.
  • The customer has the benefit of taking the money on the go, through a master card or visa card feasible ATM outlets.

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#8. Axis Bank Neo Credit Card

The Axis Neo Credit card joining fee is INR 250 and can be considered as top reward credit card in India. The card can be replaced liberally without any fees when the card is stolen or broken. The cardholder can avail duplicate statement fee, copy request fee or outstation cheque fee almost for free or is waived off completely. Including these benefits, patrons can approach other facilities too, For example-

Features of Axis Bank Neo Credit Card

  • 10% rebate on recharges, movie or online shopping.
  • Customer avails voucher worth INR 300 or 500 for online shopping or movie.
  • The customer can translate her purchases to EMI on minimum transaction of INR 2500.
  • Under the Dining delight benefit, the customer can have delicious food in the partnered restaurant at 15% off.
  • There are more such offers and benefits in the card.

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#9. Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card

The card is built for die-hard movie lovers. The card can opt for an annual charge of INR 499. It can be counted as the best credit card in India for movie-freaks. Here, the card owner would get no welcome gift. Read below other rewards attached with this card-

Features of Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card

  • 1 free PVR ticket every month on purchasing items of INR10, 000 or above from the card.
  • 2 PVR movie free tickets on making 15,000 or above on the monthly credit billing.
  • Free add-on card available with this Gold credit card.
  • Free 24 movie tickets after full-filling certain mandatory terms and conditions.

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#10. HDFC Platinum Edge Credit Card

The best credit cards in India come with good benefits to the customer pocket. The card has an annual fee of INR 500. The card is re-issued if stolen or damaged at INR 100. It has multi-benefits and features that are printed below-

Features of HDFC Platinum Edge Credit Card

  • On minimum 4 transactions every month the cardholder will get free accidental death insurance up to 50 lakhs. T&C applied.
  • Burglary or fire protection service of above INR 5000 for 180 days. T&C applied.
  • Redeem of reward points makes it a best cash back credit card, like you can earn (100 RP = INR 10); this can be done on the outstanding amount over the credit card.
  • There is a fuel surcharge waiver that is 1% on minimum transaction of INR 400 or cash back up to max. INR 250 as per the statement cycle.
  • 50 days of the interest-free period is given from the purchasing date.
  • Reward points are valid for up to 2 years.
  • Secure and safe payments anywhere and anytime.

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Conclusion: Rewards Credit Cards

You can now easily perceive features of best cash back credit cards; benefits and charges of the best cash back credit cards of 2019. Now, you have might calculate which one to buy on your own. I suggest you recommend the respective bank site before choosing the top reward credit card in India from the above one. On the entire bank website, the buyer can munch all of the card important details. This article is only helpful to draw an outline for the best one to have in your wallet this year.

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