Top 10 Best Rewards Credit Cards in Canada

If you are looking for new credit card? You should know how to choose the best reward credit card in Canada. I’ll explain this in detail. then you should go through this article. You will find the Best Rewards Credit Cards.

The best credit card is known for its qualities. People buy credit card for various reasons, like, expenditure, hard-cash, bills, utilities and to run their financial needs smoothly all throughout. The lifecycle works at its best when we have enough money to fulfill our daily requirements. Best credit cards in Canada are distinguished based on their rewards, cash-backs, discounts, free purchases, fuel, discounts, etc. There is much big deal of best rewards credit card in Canada. The reward credit card makes you earn some good benefits that are suitable instead of taking a simple card. If you stay more in hotels, you can purchase a card with hotel advantage, if you travel much then you can buy a flight advantage credit card, etc. According to a survey, 70% of the Canada population uses a credit card and pays their bill every month without skipping. Here, in this article, you will get to learn some amazing credit card to fit into your pocket.

By selecting your monthly spending and rewards preferences, you can compare all the rewards credit cards on our site, until you find the one you want to apply for.

Top 10 Best Rewards Credit Cards in Canada

Here, are the best Canadian reward credit cards

#1. Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite

Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card is the best credit card in Canada with many rewards. The credit score required is good to excellent. The minimum salary for a compulsory is $60000. Annual fee charge is $99. It is the most comprehensive card that returns 2% fund back to its owner on automated recurring bills and pharmacies. Cardholders get 4% fund back guaranteed at fuel stations and grocery stores and all other buying will get you 1% cash returns. The client also offers the Canadian market top introductory cashback promotion that is 10% at three months consecutively. counted as the best Canadian reward credit cards, this is not enough they offer perks to luxurious hotels, free music performances, and fine-dining experience to its card-holder.

#2. TD Cash Back Visa Infinite

Td cash back Visa Infinite offers you an excellent and good credit scoring and minimum personal salary required is about $60000. It holds an Annual fee of $120. The card is liable to offer many rewards like 6% cash return back in the Canadian market which is limited offer up to 3 months. A cash reward of 3% after the promotion comes to an end and other purchases offer you 1% money recompense. The card gives the opportunity to enjoy membership of TD’S auto club for on-road travel help. Great medical and travel insurance is within the benefits of the top reward credit card in Canada.

#3. Tangerine Money-Back Card

Tangerine Money-back credit card is the best reward credit review card. The credit score required is good and fair. Minimum salary needed is $15,000 with annual charges that is zero dollars. The card is a boon to Canadians as it offers straight cash backs. The cardholder is asked to choose two categories from the group so that they can receive 2% cash back. The cardholder has given many options to choose from in a variety like furniture, grocery, restaurants, pharmacy, motel-hotel, recurring bill, gas, parking, etc. They merely go through above most used category so that you can start own payback with cash bonuses. On other segments, the person would receive 0.5% prize cash back. The card gives security to the new objects that are purchased by getting lengthened warranties.

#4. American Express Gold Rewards Card

American Express Gold reward card is one of the phenomenal best travel cards. The credit score required can be fair and good, there is no salary criteria and can be owned on zero revenue. Annual fee charges are $150. The card welcomes you with 25000 points on the expenditure of $1500. The points earned can be converted into Airplane miles with no further charges. The person would get two points earned on every dollar when getting pharmacy, at grocery stores, gas stations, travel purchasing, etc.

#5. Rogers World Elite MasterCard

Roger World Elite Master card is available at no annual fee charge. The card offers $ 25 as a welcome bonus reward for the first course acquiring. Additional 2% discount only available on Rogers services and products. The cardholder would get travel insurance also. There is a 4% cash return available on foreign currency investments. With the facility earned with this credit card, the person will get1.75% cash reward on all his purchases made using this card. All of the cash back that is earned using the card is only redeemed between the time scales of 90 days. This card is preferred as top reward credit cards in Canada.

#6. CIBC Aventura Gold Visa

CIBC Aventura Gold Visa is the credit card with an annual charge of $120 for the first year. The credit card offers 20,000 reward points if the cardholder makes a purchasing of $1400. The card also gives 2 Aventura points per $1 spent on purchasing of travel made by CIBC reward association. The card offers some travel insurance. One Aventura point earned through purchasing of miscellaneous items as $1 spent on those things. It certainly does not require high income to qualify.

#7. WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard

Westjet RBC World Elite MasterCard posses’ $119 annual fees. The card is ready to offer $250 as a sign-up bonus on the first payment through the card. Earn 2% discount on the west jet vacation packages and west jet flights. Earning of 1.5% rebate off on purchases happened every day in west jet dollars. People are pleased by the proposed discounted Annual trip voucher received, just starting at $99. First free bags checked that is up to 8 kgs of same reservation of the main cardholder. Complete voyage insurance package. The negative aspect is only that the card is only promoted to WestJet customers.

#8. Meridian Visa Infinite

The Meridian Visa Infinite is especially a Travel Reward Card. The card needs to have a good or excellent credit score. Minimum personal income required is to be $60000. The cardholder pays annual fees of $99. This is the best credit card that can crunch the cost of today’s phone. This card gives $1000 for damaged, lost, stolen, and futile cell phones can be procured with the card. This priceless gift is given to Meridian Visa Infinite card holder’s so that they can earn 1.5 reward points if he spent $1 on all the net purchasing. There are another many opportunities with The Meridian Visa Infinite credit card to redeem the earned reward points, for example, on travel, vacations, gift cards, merchandise, etc. the card cost $99 but in the first foremost it got discounted immediately after its application.

#9. CTFS Triangle World Elite Mastercard

The CTFS Triangle world Elite Mastercard is available on fair and good credit score. Cardholder must possess a minimum salary budget of $80000. The card is offered at zero annual charges. The card is best fitted to the families who spent the monthly budget on groceries, home, garden, household bills, other typical maintenances, etc. CTFS triangle World Elite Mastercard offers you free 4% rebate on Canadian Tire, sport, atmosphere check, and 5 cents returned back on gas stations. The cardholder also gets 3% cash back on Canadian Tire money through purchasing in grocery stores. So, it has one rule that foremost the cardholder must buy from the grocery store and then redeem them to pay bills. All the small transaction can be done contactless.

#10. Home Trust Preferred Card

Home Trust Preferred card can be owned at the credit score fair and good and is one of the best cash back credit cards in Canada. The minimum income criteria are around $15000. The annual fees are nil. The card is best when it time to wave off foreign fees transaction in the Canadian market. Canadian also holds more choices to have like Marriott and chases card in their pocket, but those are now canceled. This is an attractive card that offers you a personal income of $ 15000, that almost comes under each Canadian budget. The card gives cost-free assistance top roadside, protection of purchase, car damage rental, Insurance of collision, etc. The average APR of the card is 19.99%. total cashback on foreign currencies in Canada is higher with the Home trust preferred card. The card limits the cardholder to provide 10 transactions made in one day and the card is not available to residents of Quebec.


As you have checked out the complete details of the top 10 best rewards credit cards available in Canada. You can decide easily among yourself which one is good that sets you. Here above all the cards have been discussed with their credit scoring, annual fees, and advantage and disadvantages. For, more detailed knowledge you can check out the bank’s particular website. I know, People tend to buy after checking out topsy-turvy and that is satisfying. The cards are discussed according to one’s resources. Credit card often makes life comfortable for Canadians.